home: Candles vs Diffusers: Settling an all-time debate

Home aromas are turning out to be mainstream to Fragrance a home or work area. Scented candles, reed diffusers, and more recently smart diffusers give customers a huge number of choices, at an assortment of costs. So how would you decide the best home flavor for your home? Strolling into a space that is scented triggers Charming feelings for the majority of us. Without a doubt, Fragrance changes our state of mind, loosens us up, and even returns us to a particular memory.

It gives any room an instantaneous uplift, whether your # 1 fragrances are botanical, woody, or fruity. Be that as it may, gone are the days when home aroma simply implies splashing artificial Fragrance around the home to veil Scents. Today, home aroma is as much a piece of home style as any piece of furniture or craftsmanship. However, the great debate still persists as candles stand oppose the recent diffusers. Ridhima Kansal, Director of a luxurious Fragrance brand shares her views on the same:

Ease of Using

Both reed diffuser and candles render a constant, spontaneous aroma. However, like a candle, a reed diffuser does not require fire or electricity, which makes it safe for homes with little kids and pets.

Optimum Usage

A Reed needs to be Flipped every three days for optimizing results and Enhancing the Fragrance. At the same time a candle just requires a matchstick for it to burn and bring out the same effect.

Relative Area

A reed diffuser (10 sticks on average) is perfect for areas up to 150-200 Sq Ft. Candle’s area is relatively less. While trying to take care of the issue that candles can’t manage, the diffuser emanates aroma at a slow but steady rate. The outcome is a lighter Fragrance that fills smaller rooms, yet the aroma goes on for quite a long time because of ceaseless aroma enhancement.


A reed diffuser lasts for 2- 2.5 months. Candle’s Burn time is rough ~ 50 hours (100 mm height and 75 mm diameter)


A reed diffuser gives the option of regulating the concentration of aroma by changing the number of reeds. You cannot regulate the strength of Fragrance in a candle.


Both of them are versatile products and can be used in homes, offices, retails, hospitality, etc. They can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, washrooms, kitchens, etc. Likewise, they are also used in garden areas, patios, deck areas, etc. candle also makes a great companion for candle-lit dinners. Likewise, diffusers are gaining Popularity in offices and workstations.


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