Getting a liquor license could become easier for Wicomico County entertainment businesses

WICOMICO COUNTY, Md.- Entertainment and Cocktails has been a winning combination for Revival, which is a fairly new live performance venue in Salisbury.
Their marketing director said when they opened last August, they set out to get a liquor license – but found the process was much more complicated than they were anticipated.

“When we first applied for a permit here at Salisbury at Wicomico there was no category for us to apply for so now we are actually operating as technically as a restaurant,” John Paul (JP) Lecap, Marketing Director for PCA Productions, which runs Revival, said.

But, a new bill in the Maryland General Assembly could make the process of getting a liquor license easier for Wicomico County dinner theaters and similar businesses.

“This is just to open up some opportunities for some small businesses that want to be able to offer alcohol when they have these performances, whether their Broadway performances or local performances,” Senator Mary Beth Carozza, a Sponsor of the bill, said.

“It’s going to make it easier not only for us, but for more companies to come to Salisbury and make Salisbury a more vibrant community,” Lecap said.

Its. Carozza said if passed, the bill will be a big win for local businesses and give them a new revenue stream that would really help in the wake of the Pandemic.

“Many of these businesses obviously had to close for a period of time, they then had to seek some immediate financial assistance to make sure they could pay their employees and operate in the future,” Sen. Carozza said.

Lacap agrees this could give Venues that want to sell beer, wine, and liquor a financial boost, since a lot of times ticket sales don’t go to them directly.

“Most of the times it goes to the artists and how Venues now of the times re-cooperate is through food and alcohol sales and having this new bill is definitely going to help us and keep us longer here,” Lecap said.

Senator Carozza told us the Wicomico County Council and local alcohol Commissioners looked at this bill too.

She also said in the Senate they passed this bill with unanimous support.

This bill is cross-filed with legislation in the House that’s Sponsored by the Wicomico County Delegation.

The House did vote on it with 130 yes’ and 1 no.

We reached out to Delegate Charles Otto who voted against it, but we were told he wasn’t able to give a statement Wednesday.

For more information on the bill, click here.

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