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Melissa Franco wants to share her success story with the Dallas community. She is now offering a key component in the journey which led her to a healthier self at her new shop, Well Within Nutrition.

After she had her second child was when she was introduced to Herbalife health drinks.

“I had gained a bunch of weight during the pregnancy. I was not in a very good spot, ”she recalled. “So, I started working on myself. I knew how to make me feel better. ”

After losing about 68 pounds in six months, along with a regular exercise regimen, Herbalife became more than a weight loss supplement.

“I tried these products and knew from there, there was a business opportunity with it,” Franco said.

After sharing her story with the people asking her how she lost weight and had so much energy, Franco took her message online. Utilizing social media, she shared her plan, eating, drinking, working out.

After four years, and mired with indoor restrictions during the Pandemic, Franco was ready to take the next step – brick and mortar.

“I got tired of being at home. I needed to be face to face with people again, ”she recalled. “What can I do different to switch this up?”

After trying public table Setups first, she’d learned Nutrition shops like Well Within started becoming a thing 3-4 years ago.

“Man, I really want to do that,” she thought.

So, she buckled down and started saving money. An opportunity opened when Gall Real Estate opened several shops for rent on Court Street. Well Within ended up in the former Country Financial location. It took eight months to transform the space into an inviting Nutrition shop and Franco feels the grand opening a couple of weeks ago was the perfect time for Dallas Residents.

From everything she first sold online, she learned people wanted to make healthy choices.

“I struggled to find quick, healthy options, something that works especially for moms. I started to see how much other people struggled with it, too, ”Franco said. “After everything with COVID got people in a funky mindset, inside for so long, just eat whatever, do whatever, I think they finally get to a point where we get to be out more, and want to feel good again.”

Wellness Within offers protein shakes with 21 different vitamins and minerals, while keeping it low in calories and minimal sugar.

“It’s easy to implement into a diet plan, perfect for a meal replacement. Muscle growth can be an easy add on to a small meal to what you’re already taking. Really give the body the nutrients it needs to perform the way it’s supposed to, ”Franco said.

Then there’s the teas, which offer a good alternative to energy drinks and surgical coffees, she said.

“It’s a tea blend with sugar free flavors and aloe, which is good for your digestive system. Energizing tea that’s not going to make you crash from a bunch of sugars or added calories, ”Franco added.

She is already planning to expand the menu. Franco, already offering gluten free drinks, is working on vegan options, in addition to protein coffee drinks, hot or iced, but without all the other “bunch of junk in it.”

Then, very soon after that, she’s adding protein waffles and protein donuts. “Try to make sure whatever we have has the nutrients the body needs,” Franco said.

Next on her agenda is improving the Aesthetic. She hopes to make the Nutrition shop more attractive to the after-school crowd and bring in the regulars at the nearby gym.

“I think there will be a lot of people who realize how good an option it is for them,” she said. “This is a good spot for the whole family. Kids because we have caffeine drinks, and a nutritional shake for them, so they feel like they’re getting a milkshake but it’s good for them. A little bit of caffeine for the teens, or for the parents who are dragging. I’m just trying to make it accessible to anyone that’s out there. ”


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