Coinllectibles ️ ️ Partners with NBA Hall of Famer & Entrepreneur Chris Webber to Disrupt Sports & Entertainment NFT Marketplace

Webber Will Spearhead New Joint Venture to Better Connect Fans, Athletes and Entertainers Together

SINGAPORE, March 23, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Today, Coinllectibles, owned by Cosmos Group Holdings, Inc. (OTC: COSG), announced a partnership with the NBA Hall of Famer and Entrepreneur Chris Webber to Disrupt the NFT Marketplace and strategically deliver innovative sports and entertainment offerings through the use of its exclusive Digital Ownership Token (DOT) technology and the Metaverse.

As the president of Coinllectibles Sports, Webber will oversee the implementation of the organization’s mission to better connect fans, athletes and entertainers through technology.

With this new venture, Webber and Coinllectibles plan to Empower Athletes across the Spectrum – from NIL deals at the high school and Collegiate level to Retired players – to better maximize their opportunities in the NFT space. In addition, they will provide internship and jobs to innovative and ambitious thinkers from underserved communities.

“I’m honored to team up with Coinllectibles and proud to be Trusted to lead one of the first public NFT companies in the Marketplace,” Webber said. “In this digital age, we have a tremendous opportunity to engage with fan bases, professional athletes and entertainers. Alike to launch ground-breaking product offers that eclipse some of the limitations found in NFTs exciting VIP experiences.We want our DOTs to be viewed as the gold standard and provide Meaningful, purpose-driven value.We will launch with my University of Michigan DOT collection on March 28th and will follow with other exclusive drops from other Athletes and entertainers on our roster. “

Community members can either sign-up for free access to Coinllectibles’ DOT experiences or pay a monthly subscription to access the private, VIP experiences and collections. For more information on the different membership tiers, please visit to unlock the drop.

“Few things unite people across the world like sports and music so we are extremely excited to be working with Chris,” Coinllectibles CEO Toby O’Connor said. “Beyond his extraordinary sporting accomplishments in basketball in college and the NBA, Chris has an interest in applying his perspective from his playing career to benefit people. They bring clear passion and vision to how our DOT technology and the developing Metaverse can be used to enhance many areas of sport including an athlete’s career development, fan enjoyment, and engagement with social and educational areas. DOTs offer a groundbreaking enhancement to NFTs in securing ownership rights for buyers. “

The announcement marks Webber’s latest entrepreneurial venture. Most recently, in 2021, the Hall of Famer introduced Players Only Holdings with an entrepreneur Lavetta Willisfocused on strategic business areas such as real estate development, brand partnerships and creative content development and management.

Coinllectibles established the sports division with Webber as an extension of the growth of the NFT Marketplace and to bridge the intersection of technology and sports memorabilia. Together, Coinllectibles ️ ️ and Webber are seeking to leverage NFT and blockchain technology into their innovative DOT technology to support strategies of engagement, knowledge, access and enjoyment for a global audience. The new division intends to focus on using such technology to enhance community engagement around athletes, fan bases and events across a range of sports.

More details on Coinllectibles ️ ️ Sports Division and offerings of DOTs ️ its on its MetaMall can be found on

About the Company – Coinllectibles™ ️
Coinllectibles™ ️ is a technology company supporting the Collectibles industry with a focus on rare memorabilia and artworks that exist and have intrinsic value in the real world, whether tangible or intangible in nature.

Coinllectibles™ ️ applies blockchain, Marketplace, Metaverse and NFT technologies as tools to Disrupt and enhance the real world Collectibles industry. The technology underpinning NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has multiple functional use cases that Coinllectibles™ ️ is applying to areas including art, sports, watches, numismatics, limited edition toys, limited edition fashion wear and sneakers. NFTs have the power to Transform our societies and some areas may be subject to regulations. Coinllectibles™ ️ uses NFT technology solely to provide a legally binding digital ownership title (DOT) to a tangible or intangible collectible, which our analysis suggests would functionally fall outside any regulatory parameter.


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